About Sync Exchange

Welcome to Sync Exchange

Our mission at Sync Exchange is to bring together the people that make and own music with the people that use it for brands, ads, film, TV, games, mobile, the Internet and anywhere else where music and projects come together to inspire and engage people.

We work with some of the top labels, publishers and artists throughout the world, and can get you that difficult to find K-Pop track, a great new song from Japan, the hottest South American music, Bumping Bhangra from India and beyond.

In addition to licensing music and commissioning music for projects, we also work with major brands and agencies in Asia to assist in the selection, clearing and when necessary, creation of music for their campaigns.

We are in the midst of rebuilding our website, and in the next month we’ll have some great new content and announcements (and a revamped design), but for the moment, please take a look around and if you want to learn more about Sync Exchange, send us an  email and we’ll help you out.

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