AA= (AAequal) is a hardcore electronic band, the solo project of Takashi Ueda, former bassist of the Mad Capsule Markets. Assisted by vocalist Takayoshi Shirakawa of BACK DROP BOMB, fellow Mad Capsule Markets guitarist Minoru Kojima, also known as Shin Murohime, and drummer Nobuaki Kaneko of Rize, AA= released their first album in February 2009.

After the debut of this first album, aptly titled “#1,” AA= released a live DVD of the tour shortly afterwards in September 2009, called Tour #1. A second album followed in 2010, called #2, and again in 2011 with (what else?) third album #3, with the accompanying tour DVD Tour #3 ver.1.0+2.0 releasing in 2013. This led up to their fourth album’s release as a split album in 2013 with one volume named “#” and the other “4”.

AA=’s playful yet precise mathematical notation contrasts with the soft heart and strong charitable feelings of a band whose algebraic-sounding name stands for “all animals are equal.” Their project AA= AiD launched in 2011 with a single, 「We’re not alone」, whose proceeds went to benefit the victims of the 2011 Japanese tsunami. They also recorded a cover of 先天性労働者 (sentensei roudousha) on Romantist – The Stalin, Michiro Endo Tribute Album.

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