DEXPISTOLS are a club music and electro duo from Tokyo, Japan. With a name that pays a sly wink to a certain influential London punk band, DEXPISTOLS have proven themselves to be no less innovative, and just as in tune with youth culture.

DEXPISTOLS were born from Tokyo street culture, using cutting edge technology to create a sound that unites and reflects Tokyo today. The twin pistols come from the combination of DJ Daruma, also known as a main designer of the Tokyo-based fashion brand ”ROC STAR,” and DJ Maar, renowned for his skills as a DJ, remixer, and producer. These two dynamite artists form an undefeatable and remarkable force in the Tokyo scene today.

Using a unique setup of four CDJs, two turntables and one mixer, the two DJs work in a rhythm that makes it hard to take eyes off them. While one is on turntable, the other uses CDJs with samplers and effectors to create an incredible groove, a truly collaborative dialogue. This free and one-of-a-kind back-to-back style caught fire in the Tokyo scene in no time, and it is spreading across Japan to ignite the world.

DEXPISTOLS achieved great success in Tokyo and the Japanese party scene with the massive global rise of mash-up/electro culture. Their “sound-crash” back-to-back DJ set combines the diverse sounds of electro dance music with hip-hop and rock. They have phenomenally impacted Tokyo street culture. Japanese Youth who supports Dexpistols identify themselves as ”DEX HEADZ.”

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