Sly Mongoose

Sly Mongoose is Japan’s leading instrumental band whose style fuses and combines many genres from rock to funk, reggae to dub, house to afro, and more. Their hit “Snakes And Ladders,” from their debut self-titled album, released to great acclaim with a Rub’n’Tug mix on Mule. Their follow-up mini album Dacascos included a remix by Radio Slave, which became one of the defining club tracks of 2006.

Sly Mongoose’s second release, 2006’s Tip of the Tongue State had another hit in “Bad Pulse,” which was remixed by PADDED CELL (DC Recordings), one of the most popular acts of the Nu Disco Scene. 2009 followed up with a third album, Mystic Daddy, and Sly Mongoose’s latest album, Wrong Colors, was released in 2011.