Sugiurumn is the second project of vocalist and songwriter Eiji Sugiura, who, after four acclaimed albums, disbanded his rock band Electric Glass Balloon in the late ‘90’s. Sugiura had a unique alternative sound in Japan, which fused rock and dance music, but it took a visit to Ibiza for Sugiura to find the sound he was looking for.

He chose his new band’s name from a dream he had of the Japanese God of Music who offered him the name “Sugiurumn,” and quickly recorded an album that melded in-your-face house music, irresistible hooks and a groovy funk. However, this time Sugiurumn acted as producer, mixing up instrumental tracks with vocals tracks, drafting in a range of different vocalists. The success of the album in both Japan’s rock and dance scene lead to more guest vocals on albums and high-profile remixes. To date he has remixed the artists Ayumi Hamasaki, Chemistry and Kick the Can Crew, all multi-multi-million sellers in Japan.

In the midst of DJing, recording and remixing, by 2005 Sugiurumn had finished his 3rd album Our history is made in the night. The track “hot plate” was licensed and remixed by Italian techno/breaks DJ Santos and released in Europe. In the summer of 2005, Sugiurumn played the holy grail of summer festivals in Japan; Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic and Rock in Japan, and the reactions on the dance floors was proof positive of the ability to get people up and dancing – even jaded rock crowds.

Since then, Sugiurumn has worked prolifically as an artist and a DJ, producing singles and albums alongside his own regular DJ work.

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