Uzumaki are a Japanese nu metal band that formed in 1996 in Osaka. Along with Suck Down and YamaArashi, Uzumaki are among one of the first Japanese nu metal bands formed (SD & YA formed in 1995 and 1996, respectively). Their early works were released with the band’s name spelled in kanji, 「宇頭巻」. However, in 2004 with the release of their album JUNKEE FOOD, the band changed their official spelling to the romaji form 「UZUMAKI.

Musically, Uzumaki is close to the rapcore and crossover scene and play what they describe as “street mixture styles,” a fusion of hip-hop, punk, “loud,” and club sound. With all the force of a tornado, their music looks to pick you up, rip down barriers, and set you down somewhere new. Their most recent album, Dio New Source (2010) has tracks featuring TAKUYA∞ of UVERworld, TAKUMA of 10-FEET, and Jesse from RIZE.